2010 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian stamps has arrived!

2010 Unitrade Catalogue

The 2010 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps is fresh off the press and ready for you to order! A must for every serious collector, this catalogue is the ultimate reference for Canadian stamps issued from 1851-present. It is illustrated in full colour on glossy paper and lists most stamp varieties and errors, as well as all the provinces, first day covers, blocks and postal stationery. In addition, it features the established Scott numbering system used throughout the philatelic world.

Other standard features, plus some new ones:


  • Complete Canada and BNA listing
  • Current market prices, by grade, in Canadian funds
  • Booklet panes now illustrated in colour
  • UN stamps issued in Canadian denominations listed
  • Introduction section to precancels added
  • Introduction section to Lowe-Martin produced coils added
  • Uncut press sheet gutter combinations listed
  • Christmas Seals listed
  • More consistency throughout the listings and corrected annoying typographical errors (some of which have been around for many years!)
  • Sampling of XF/Gems illustrated
  • Small Queen Identification Table
  • Topical index of stamp subjects
  • Only 8 more pages added, for a total of 640 pages
  • The retail price remains the same as the previous five year’s editions: CAN$42.95

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