Newfoundland stamp stories!

Silk Screen Map of Newfoundland
Map of Newfoundland

Before joining the Dominion of Canada in 1949, the province of Newfoundland issued its own stamps. Of all the provinces, Newfoundland was by far the most prolific stamp issuer. In total, over 300 different stamps were issued from 1857-1947, including airmail, postage due stamps and postal stationery. A complete collection of Newfoundland stamps easily traces the province’s history and notable events, and can be a valuable educational tool.

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2009 CWS Canada stamp album supplements have arrived!

2009 canada stamp album supplements
2009 canada stamp album supplements

Yes, the new 2009 CWS supplements have arrived at Arpin Philately! Pass the colder winter evenings organizing your Canadian stamp album with these handy stamp album supplements. Effective immediately, you can order your 2009 Unity-English, Dominion-English, Parliament, and Tradition/Constitution supplements. Also, Uni-French and Dominion-French. With a price range of $8.50-$27.50, there’s something for every budget!!