How to tell Canada’s three-pence beaver stamps apart

Some of the most beautiful and valuable Canada stamps are the three-pence beavers, Scott #1, #4, #12 and #15 (see Canada’s three-pence beaver-a little jewel!) . However, one of the difficulties of a collector lies in identifying one from the other. It can be tricky, so here’s hoping this helps!

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Identifying your stamps

Indentifying stamps!
Hmmm….where is that stamp from?

One of the most difficult aspects of stamp collecting can be identifying your stamps. There are various points which make a stamp different from the next: perforation measure, actual stamp size, colour, paper, fluorescence, and special markings such as watermarks. There is also the problem of identifying world stamps correctly since the inscription is often in another language. We hope to demystify the process in this article.

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