Canada 2010 beneficial insects low value definitives

Canada 2010 beneficial insects stamps
Canada 2010 beneficial insects stamps

On October 19th, 2010, Canada Post began issuing a new series of low-value definitives featuring beneficial insects.
This is the second issue with such a theme. The new denominations on these defintives will certainly help when it comes to calculating the correct postage for letters and packages according to the new Canada Post rates.

The series of 5 stamps features the paper wasp, assassin bug, large milkweed bug, the dogbane beetle and the margined leatherwing. All of these friendly insects, despite the sound of some of their names, are appreciated by farmers and gardeners alike. Featuring bright, almost luminescent colours, these stamps will be sure to please collectors.

New 2010 Canada Our Lady of the Night Christmas stamp

2010 Canada Christmas stamp
2010 Canada Christmas stamp

Canada Post began issuing a new stamp for the Christmas 2010 season on the 1st of November. The stamp features the traditional interpretation of the Madonna and Child. The image was photographed from a lime wood sculpture by Antonio Caruso, a renown Italian-Canadian artist. The sculpture, called «Our Lady of the Night» is very much admired for the gentleness and tenderness that it conveys.

New 2010 Canada Christimas stamps

2010 Christmas ornaments
2010 Christmas ornaments stamps

On the 1st of November, 2010, Canada Post began issuing a series of stamps designed for the Christmas season. The three stamps featuring glass blown ornaments were chosen to exemplify the festive aspect of the season. The ornaments glitter from the paper in shades of orange, blue and fuschia pink, along with a delicate scattering of snowflakes.