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Fakes and Forgeries – Beware!

Real or fake? At top is the unique genuine British Guiana Penny Magenta, and on the bottom is a very similar stamp described by experts as a forgery. As with any object of value, stamps attract the attention of some … Continue reading

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Pioneer of Stamp Approvals Dies at 92

Mr. F. Maynard Sundman, innovator of the stamp approval business died October 31st 2007, in Littleton, New Hampshire at the age of 92. Mr. Sundman, a well-respected and admired figure in the philatelic world has even been called «a giant … Continue reading

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What are revenue Stamps?

Revenue stamps, unlike postage stamps, are used to collect taxes or fees on various items and to show that these taxes have been paid. Revenue stamps have been used for years by federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as … Continue reading

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