Review of the best United States stamp albums

U.S. Stamp albumsWith so many U.S. stamp albums on the market, it can be difficult sometimes to know what to buy. We hope our review of four specific albums will make your shopping experience easier. At Aprin Philately we sell what we consider to be the best United States stamp albums on the market for your money. We have four different price points to choose from, two for beginners, one for the intermediate collector, and one for advanced collectors who really want an album that delivers visual punch. Following is a description of each of these excellent albums.

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Review of the best Canadian stamp albums to buy

Canada Stamp AlbumsOne of the most attractive ways to store a stamp collection is in a stamp album, such as the Tradition Canada album at left. There are many on the market however. How can you know which one is the best value for your money? In this article we will attempt to help you make a good choice according to your needs. Obviously price is a major factor when deciding what to buy. As in all purchases however, you do have to think about what you are getting for your money in the long run.

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Honoring a Canadian artist – Jack Bush

2009_jack_bush_stamp.jpgWho is Jack Bush? On March 20, 2009, Canada Post began issuing a commemorative stamp honoring this famous Canadian painter. Born in Toronto, Jack Bush (1909-1977) was an abstract painter and a member of Painters Eleven, a group dedicated to promoting abstract and expressionist painting in Canada. He was a master of colour, and though he painted landscapes at first, he soon developed an abstract technique which gained acclaim. His aim was to share emotion in his paintings, instead of having people identify with exact images. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1976, one year before his death.

A stamp for a rhododendron

2009_rhodo_stamp.jpgOne of the most popular topicals is flowers, and continuing in its yearly custom of commemorating a flower, this year Canada Post has begun issuing a commemorative of the rhododendron on March 13th, 2009. The rhododendron (from the Greek «rose, or red tree»), is a popular genus of flowering bush or large tree which is frequently used by landscapers for its dramatic splashes of colour and large, clustering flowers. It is the national flower of Nepal, and many societies worldwide are dedicated to its cultivation and to informing the public about how to care for it.