Stamps and climate change

preserving-the-poles-stamps.jpgOn April 9th, 2009 Canada Post began issuing a series of stamps designed to increase public awareness of the effects of climate change and global warming. The two stamps depict a polar bear and an Arctic tern, both native to the polar regions. These two species could see their existence seriously threatened if nothing is done to halt the rapid decrease in Arctic ice. As in the case of the polar bear, who hunts and eats only on frozen surfaces, the melting of the ice could well mean it being unable to obtain food one day.

According to Rob Nicoll, manager of WWF’s Antarctic and Southern Oceans Initiative, “scientists are unpleasantly surprised at how quickly the impacts of warming such as sea ice loss are showing up in the polar regions.” The collapse of the ice bridge linking two islands in the Antarctic is concrete evidence upholding this statement. If things continue, climate change could eventually have a significant impact on other regions of the earth as well.

So when we look at the pair of stamps just issued, may we be reminded of how fragile our earth is and think of ways to preserve it for future generations.

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  1. What Global Warming? This year is on record as one of the coldest in history.

    Stamps should not be used to promote political propaganda.


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