2010 Girl Guides of Canada stamps

Girl Guides of Canada 2010 stamp
Girl Guides of Canada 2010 stamp

On July 8th, 2010, Canada Post began issuing a stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Guides of Canada. At a Boy Scout rally in Great Britain in 1909, many girls showed up and demanded to be admitted to the club. A girl’s chapter of the Scouts was established by Agnes Baden-Powell in Britain, with one soon to follow in Canada.The mandate of the Girl Guides of Canada is to prepare girls for the challenges of outdoor life. Of course, Girl Guides does more than teach girls how to camp and fish. The organization wants to help girls around the country to attain their full potential and reach for their dreams. Many successful women have benefited from the companionship and guidance given to them by the Girl Guides in their youth. And of course, let’s not forget…Girl Guide cookies!!

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