2011 Royal wedding Canada stamp

2011 Royal Wedding Canada stamp
2011 Royal Wedding Canada stamps

Last year’s announcement of HRH Prince William’s engagement to Miss Catherine (Kate) Middleton, motivated Canada Post to add another series of stamps to their 2011 lineup. On April 29, 2011, Canada Post will begin issuing stamp commemoratives of the Royal Wedding which will occur on the very same day. It only seems natural, given Canada’s connection to Great Britain, that many would want to honor this day and wish the happy couple all the best.

2011 Royal Wedding Canada souvenir sheet
2011 Royal Wedding Canada souvenir sheet

The series of two stamps features a PERMANENT rate stamp with a photograph of the couple taken at the engagement announcement and the international rate stamp featuring the official engagement photograph. The design of the background of the souvenir sheet features the interior of Westminster Abbey, where the wedding ceremony will take place.

Royal keepsakes are natural collectibles it seems, and the items being released by Canada Post will no doubt have great appeal for collectors. In addition to the two stamps shown above, Canada Post will also issue booklet panes, stamp sheets, souvenir sheets, first day covers, coins and numerous collectible keepsake kits. All of these items can be viewed on their official website.

Wiilliam and Kate, congratulations on your special day!

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