FAQ – How are engraved stamps produced?

If you examine the description of each Canadian stamp in your Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps, you will notice that the printing method of each issue is always stated in the heading. Many different printing methods exist; this article will explain how engraved stamps are printed. However, let’s start with a little history lesson!

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Canada Stamps Now Available in Year Sets

One of the biggest challenge in philately is to find the stamps to fill your album pages. Practically every albums (Lighthouse, Davo, Unity, etc.) list their stamps by year and they can’t use the Scott classification, because the copyright belongs to Scott. We do get a lot of request like: “I need all the stamps of the year 1996 to fill my Lighthouse album”. So this can be quite a challenge to retrieve every stamps you need and then pick them one by one.

That’s why we felt the need to create Year Sets. So now it can as easy as one click to retrieve all the stamps you need for a given year.

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