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5 Ways to Use Affordable Vintage Postage Stamps to Transform Letters & Invitations

As a long-time stamp collector I have been asked some funny questions over the years such as “does Rite Aid sell stamps?” or “where can I buy stamps?” which has nothing to do with stamp collecting whatsoever. Recently however one … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Famous Stamp Collectors from the Past 100 Years

One of the wonderful things about stamp collecting is that anyone can do it. It is a hobby that appeals to a wide range of age groups, nationalities, and personalities. In fact, you would be surprised to learn just how … Continue reading

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The Stamp Collecting Explosion in China and Its Effect on Prices Around the World

Stamp collecting has been around for a long time. The first known stamp collector is recorded as early as 1774 in Ireland. The concept began to catch on over the next century, spreading through Britain, the United States and the … Continue reading

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