Canadian artists honoured once more in 2009

On July 2nd, 2009, Canada Post began issuing a series of stamps honouring four more Canadian artists. The four include : Robert Charlebois, Édith Butler, Stompin’ Tom Connors and Bryan Adams. Let’s get to know them a little bit more.

Robert Charlebois was born in Montreal on June 25th, 1944. Charlebois is a talented singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and actor. He is well known for performing songs in «joual» and for his energetic shows. He opened for Félix Leclerc in 1962 and since then continues to perform, gaining acclaim in France also. He has been the recipient of many prizes and awards, and with a style that draws from many different sources is still greatly loved today.

A well-loved Acadian singer songwriter, Édith Butler was born in Paquetville, New Brunswick on July 27th, 1942. She refused a recording contract in the USA because it would have meant singing only in English and abandoning her Acadian roots. Happily though, by touring and performing at various festivals she garnered respect for her work and was signed by Columbia Records in 1973.

Stompin’ Tom Connors was born Charles Thomas Connors on February 9th, 1936 in Saint-John, New Brunswick. He acquired the nickname «Stompin’» because of his habit of stomping his boot heel on the floor during performances. When hall owners began to complain of the damage done to the floor boards he began carrying around his own «stompin’ board». He auctions them off to charity to this day, one of them selling for $14 000.00.

Born on November 5th, 1959, Bryan Adams is a well-known Canadian singer songwriter (he was the recipient of two Grammy Awards in 1992). Adams also earns respect as a photographer. A photograph he took of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 at the time of her Golden Jubilee was used as the illustration for two Canadian postage stamps (Scott #2012 & #2075).

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