Canadian Geographic wildlife photography stamps 2010

Canadian wildlife stamps 2010
Canadian wildlife stamps 2010

On May 22nd, 2010, Canada Post began issuing a series of 5 stamps featuring some of the winners of the Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography Contest for 2009. The stamps feature images from photos submitted to various categories of the contest. They highlight our country’s biodiversity and, simply, are beautiful to look at. Canadian Geographic is celebrating its 80th anniversary; how better than with a national stamp spread?

The winning photographs featured on the series:

  • A glorious hummingbird-15 year old Wing Yam Tam patiently waited for hours to get this gorgeous shot
  • Tree swallow chicks nesting in a pipe-Mark Bardley had to pull out his zoom lens for this shot because every time he got close to the chicks their mother divebombed him
  • Majestic great blue heron-this haunting image of a heron perched on a boulder in the mist was captured by Martin Cooper
  • Red fox-Who’s gonna blink first? Ben Boulter shot this beauty at the farm where he works
  • Katydid-«What’s up dude?»….this colourful insect was photographed by Julie Bazinet of Gatineau.

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