Protect your stamps with stamp mounts!

protective-stamp-mounts-s-top-blackThere are many ways to mount stamps in an album. From the very beginning collectors have resorted to stamp hinges as a practical and inexpensive way to keep their stamps stored in their albums. Hinges, especially our modern ones, are easy to apply and peelable. What then makes collectors turn to stamp mounts instead? Well, hinges invariably leave a mark on the gum side of a stamp, so if you want to preserve the condition of your never hinged mint stamps obviously hinges are not the best idea. Learn more about hinges in our article: protective-stamp-mounts-g-center-clear.jpgStamp mounts are sold in strips of varying sizes to fit the smallest stamps up to large souvenir sheets. They have a clear acetate front and come with either a black or clear background depending on what look you prefer. The back of each mount has a peel-off adhesive backing which keeps the mount attached to your album page. You can trim each mount to the mini-guillotine-protective-stamp-mounts.jpgwidth you need with a mount cutter. In essence, each mount becomes a little frame for your stamp which sticks to your album page, so no glue ever comes in contact with your investment.

There are two different ways of inserting your stamp into the mount. Firstly, top opening mounts, and perhaps the easiest to use, allow you to slide your stamp in from the top with a pair of stamp tongs. There are tong-6-professional-point.jpgalso center opening mounts. While a little more difficult to use since you have to lift both ends up in order to insert the stamp, this method practically guarantees your stamp will never fall out. So consider stamp mounts next time you need to store your collection in an attractive and effective way, they are definitely worth the money and time! Visit the API boutique to view a vast selection of high quality stamp mounts.

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