Queen Elizabeth II

2009-queen-elizabeth-ii-stamp.jpgThis year, on January 12th, 2009 Canada Post began issuing a new stamp portraying Queen Elizabeth II. Royal faces have often been a common stamp subject, and this PERMANENT-rate stamp continues in this long tradition. When stamps were first issued by Great Britain, a royal face had to grace its front. In fact, from 1840-1900, the only illustration allowed on a British stamp was the profile of Queen Victoria!

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6 Responses to Queen Elizabeth II

  1. jennifer says:

    i have around 50+ purple 1966 queen elizabeth II (FU) stamps. may i know if these still has value? and how much?


  2. Daniel Arpin says:

    Jennifer, these stamps are worth about 10¢ each.

  3. gowtham says:

    i am not having any european stamps can u get me some

  4. gowtham says:

    can u give me a deep information about stamp histry its founder etc please thank you

  5. Natasha says:

    Hi Daniel
    What would be the value of a used Uniform Postage 1840 15p stamp be? (used)

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