The Canadian horse and Newfoundland pony

2009-horse-pony-stamp.jpgThese two unique breeds are well depicted on Canada Post’s newest commemoratives which began being issued on May 15th, 2009. These two breeds each faced extinction at one time, but thanks to the efforts of various dedicated individuals, we still enjoy them today.

The Canadian Horse is a small but beautiful breed, which in 2002 was made an official symbol of Canada. The horses are descended from French stock that arrived in the 17th century. They are muscular, stout, and hardy-a good breed for the new world at that time. These horses were even nicknamed «little iron horse» because of their strength. The province of Quebec is aptly named the «heartland of the Canadian Horse», with most of the breeders being located here.

The Newfoundland pony is another unique Canadian breed. Like the Canadian Horse, Newfoundland ponies were bred for endurance. They can survive well in the harsher, Newfoundland climate, and along with their stamina are well appreciated for their intelligence and willingness to work. The Newfoundland ponies number fewer than 400 now, and for this reason are named a Heritage Animal by Rare Breeds Canada.

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    This is a beautiful stamp and for those people who collect horses they are going to love it. I noticed a lighthouse in the back of the stamp on the right. I really want to get this stamp for my lighthouse collection. Is there a way you can get me two sets of this stamp?

    Of course I will be willing to pay you for them.

    I would be willing to hear from other lighthouse stamp collectors.



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