Unusual stamps from Bhutan!

Bhutan Talking stamps. Can be played on a redord player!

Some stamps of the world are not taken seriously by some collectors, but they can still be fascinating due to their design and composition. Examples of this are the fascinating stamps of the small nation of Bhutan. Bhutan is a land-locked nation in the Himalayas. Its citizens call it «land of thunder dragon», and visitors have referred to it as the «last Shangri-La», a testament to its natural beauty. Due to its isolation, it is a country that has struggled to develop and improve its quality of life, and stamps have played a large role in this.

Bhutan Round stamps

 Burt Todd, an American entrepreneur, developed a series of interesting and innovative stamps for this small country. Some were on silk or steel, some were scented, some were in 3-D, and some were talking! Stamps which were cut discs of grooved rubber actually played the national anthem or the history of the country when turned on a record player.
Talking) Stamps that played the national anthem and folk songs
on a record player.

Bhutan CD-Rom stamp

In 2008, Bhutan released a CD-Rom stamp which visually displays historic events of the country. Stamps have considerably helped in generating money for the nation and the development of power supplies, hospitals and even roads.

Who knew a stamp could do so much?!!

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