2008 CWS Canadian supplements Have Arrived!!!

2008-cws-canada-supplements.jpgWith the advent of winter comes ideas of reorganizing stamp albums, and to help you along in this venture we are happy to announce the arrival of our 2008 CWS Canada stamp album supplements. Effective immediately, you can order your 2008 Unity-English, Dominion-English, Parliament, and Tradition/Constitution supplements. Also, Uni-French and Dominion-French. With a price range of $8.50-$27.50, there’s something for every budget!! Coming soon: the 2008 Canada stamps!

2 thoughts on “2008 CWS Canadian supplements Have Arrived!!!”

  1. I am just wondering if CWS has a Cuba supplement, which would have, say, all the Cuba pages from all their supplements. It would be useful to have, as USA publishers do not produce these pages. Harris had a China supplement at one point.


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