Canada 1851 12d black mint stamp for sale!

Canada stamp-1851 12d black
Canada stamp-1851 12d black

An example of one of the most valuable Canada stamps will be going on the block on October 16th with Eastern Auctions as lot #60.

The 1851 12d black Queen Victoria could soon become Canada’s most valuable stamp ever–even more valuable than the green 2¢ large queen which recently sold for $475 000. The attraction of the 2¢ large queen is understandable–it is thought that only 3 exist in the whole world. But, they are all used specimens.

Recently, two different examples of the 1851 12d have been attracting attention, in part because they are mint specimens. It is thought that a little over 100 copies of the stamp exist in different collections, but these two mint examples are in almost perfect mint condition–something that is extremely rare for a 163-year old stamp!

Eastern Auctions describes its stamp as being «a delightful mint single of Canada’s most sought-after classic stamp, fabulous deep rich color, overall bold impression and showing strong laid lines….a rare and important mint original gum example, overall a beautiful and Fine stamp». So, how much could it sell for? Well, in 2009 Spink Shreves sold a mint slightly hinged specimen for $260 000!

In 2011, Spink Shreves sold another mint 12d black for $425 000!! Earlier in 2010 it had been given a «Superb 98» rating by the Philatelic Foundation in New York City–an exceptionally high and unheard of rating for a stamp that old. Interestingly, that same stamp (nicknamed the «Black Empress» due to its flawless condition) is for sale again. You can buy it at Paul Fraser Collectibles for only $750 000 USD!!!

So, between the Eastern Auctions offering and the Black Empress at Paul Fraser, which will sell for the most money? Check back with us to learn the results of the Easter auction.
Who knows? Over the next few years the 1851 12d black could very well become the first, single Canada stamp to break the $1 million mark!!

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