Canada annual stamp collections make a great gift!

annual collections
Canada annual stamp collections

What gift do you buy a collector of Canadian stamps? It can be hard sometimes to know exactly which stamps a collector needs without sneaking a peek at his albums, or simply asking him. What if you want your gift to be a surprise? A realistic solution is to buy him an annual collection of Canada stamps, issued on a yearly basis by Canada Post. This is the kind of novelty item that a collector may not always be willing to spend money on himself, but that he would surely be thrilled to receive.

Page from the 1995 Canada Annual stamp collection - Migratory wildlife

Every year, Canada Post rounds up a special collection of the year’s stamps and presents it in a handsome book. Full of interesting facts and additional information, it provides the history behind all of the stamps, as well as several historic photographs which bring the stories contained within to life. Even if the person already has many of the stamps, the history and descriptions make the book worthwhile. Plus, very few collectors mind having doubles in their collection!

Page from the 1995 Canada annual stamp collection - Golf in Canada

Occasionally, the collection may even provide some stamps which are now harder to find. For example, let’s take a look at the annual collection for 1995. In the past, even Arpin Philately has had difficulty finding some of the stamps in this collection. To name a few: the three souvenir sheets for the Group of Seven, and the comic-book superheroes strip of 5 stamps. At the most, we only have a handful of these available every year! A collector will simply love you for spending the money to get him these stamps and will love pouring over the stories behind them.

Comic book superheroes on Canada stamps

Another classic example: the Millennium Collection for the year 2000. It can be very difficult to round up mint, individual specimens of every stamp issued in sheetlet form from 2000, since few sellers are willing to break up the sheetlets (which can be tricky to track down) and sell the stamps on an individual basis, which is less expensive. This collection provides the collector with all of these stamps, plus background information about the historic issues.

So, however you look at it, annual collections are a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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  1. What are the total face values of the stamps in the following collections:


    and the special millenium collection

    They all sell at about 59.00 ..
    many thanks, Deborah


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