It’s that time of year-back to stamps!


The return of colder weather lets us know that it’s back to school time once again. It’s also back to stamps time! Hopefully we have all had a great summer, full of fun activities and memorable experiences. As we now cozy up inside, how about returning to a well-loved hobby—stamp collecting. Or perhaps you are new to the hobby; in either case, be sure that stamp collecting can fill those colder, winter days and provide hours of enjoyment. Travel the world through stamps, learn about different cultures and history, and admire the beauty of nature. Who knows, you may even find a rare treasure! Arpin Philately would be happy to help you along your journey.

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4 Responses to It’s that time of year-back to stamps!

  1. Carmen says:

    BACK to stamps?! Are you kidding?! I’m still dealing with the *6000* I bought this summer!!!


    Keep up the good work, you guys…

    A VERY happy customer!

  2. Louis Perrett says:

    I am inquiring if you distribute Darnell albums, because it is the one that I use. I like their format for their souvenir sheets within the regular issues, same for se-tenants.
    I want to keep with the same format for consistency.
    Please forward prices for the album as for supplement pages.

  3. Louis Perrett says:


    Thanks for your reply on the DARNELL album.
    The adress is “Darnell Publishing’ P.O. box 1104 station A
    Montrea, Qc H3C2X9


  4. Daniel Arpin says:


    Darnell Publishing no longer makes stamp albums. They only have a few supplements left. A very good alternative would be the Canada Unity stamp album. In this full colour album, you will also find souvenir sheets ans se-tenant within regular issues.


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