Canada stamps marks 100 years of the Canadian Navy

Canadian Navy-souvenir sheet 2010
Canadian Navy-souvenir sheet 2010

On May 4th, 2010, Canada Post began issuing a se-tenant pair of stamps marking the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy, or MARCOM (Canadian Forces Maritime Command).

The Royal Canadian Navy was established in 1910. In 1968, the navy, army and air force united to form the Canadian Armed Forces as we know it today. MARCOM is responsible for defending Canada’s maritime interests, as well as providing support to her allies in different operations around the world.

The pair of stamps features a past to present theme, with a photo of the frigate HMCS Niobe to the left and HMCS Halifax to the right. The Niobe was a cruiser during the First World War, but was damaged in the 1917 Halifax Explosion, only to be decommissioned. The Halifax is still in service today; most recently seen in the rescue effort in Haiti.

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