FAQ-Is collecting stamps a good investment?

Stamp collecting is fun!
Stamp collecting is fun!

There are many hobbies in this world. Generally, a hobby is undertaken by a person for purposes of relaxation or pleasure, as something to do in their spare time. Personal tastes play a large role in what hobbies a person might adopt; what is interesting for one individual may be boring for another.

Of all the hobbies which exist, stamp collecting has been popular for over a century and a half. It can provide hours of entertainment and, like other collectors, stamp collectors are passionate about their hobby of choice.

The discovery of rare stamps and the amounts of money that they have fetched at auction has turned many heads ( see previous article: What are the most famous rare and valuable stamps? ). Many people wonder whether stamp collecting may not be a viable financial investment. Can you make money by collecting stamps?

If only money grew on trees!
The now extinct money tree!

The first thing we need to determine is, how easy is it to acquire an expensive, rare stamp? Well, if you have loads of money and are willing to spend it on rare stamps already available on the market then you have no problem. But many people dream of finding an obscure, rare gem that is lying forgotten in a collection which will net them one million dollars at auction! Unfortunately, this is not a frequent occurrence.

So, can you count on your entire collection being worth 2-3 times what you spent in putting it together? Well, like we mentioned previously in the article What is my stamp collection worth?, on thing you can’t put a monetary value on is the amount of time you have spent mounting your stamps. That is something you simply did for the pleasure of your past time and can’t be compensated for. After all, a hobby is a labour of love!

What about individual stamps in your collection? Have you accumulated a few beauties that might be worth something?

Well, to make money on any stamp, you first need to find someone out there who wants to buy it.  The sale of a stamp, even if it is valuable, depends largely on market demand. No buyer, no purchase, no profit! If you do have a little gem, the best thing that you can do is to sit on it for awhile. Not literally of course, but serious collectors know that a potentially valuable stamp appreciates in value slowly, over many years.

Found it!
Found it!

Just like finding a needle in a haystack, finding a rare stamp buried at the bottom of a box which will set you up financially for the rest of your life is almost impossible. If you are collecting stamps, then do so for the sheer enjoyment and love of it. Don’t despair though, careful, thoughtful shopping and good bargaining skills when buying your stamps may leave you with a collection worth more than what you paid for it, but this shouldn’t be your main concern, or else you risk being disappointed.

Conclusion: stamp collecting isn’t a viable get-rich-quick-scheme, but those who love the hobby are never disappointed because there is no end to the thrill you experience when hunting through a new assortment of collectible stamps!

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