What are the most famous rare and valuable stamps?

1918 inverted jennyThe first question which I am always asked when I say that I am a philatelist is: How much are the rarest stamps worth? This is an intriguing question for many, since rumours abound which state that some of these tiny pieces of paper are worth a tidy fortune. In point of fact, it’s true! Some sales transactions have been known to be in the millions of dollars. Why do these stamps hold so much value? Well, each has its own little history making it unique and famous.

1840 Penny Black1840 The Penny Black
The Penny Black is history’s first pre-paid postage stamp, and was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This stamp, though not exceptionally rare, is worth between $240 and $3000 depending on its condition. However, a specimen of this stamp with a red Maltese cross cancellation sold at auction for more than $2.4 million.


1845 Basel Dove1845 The Basel Dove
This is the first and only stamp issued by the Swiss canton of Basel. It was the first stamp to be printed in three colours (black, blue and crimson). Today, the Basel Dove remains one of the most beautiful classical stamps. Its value is $18 000.



1847 blue penny1847 The Blue / Red Penny
These two «Post Office» stamps are the first stamps issued for the postal service in Mauritius Island.  The «Post Office» annotation has been liberally commented on. Certain philatelists believe that the printing of this annotation is a mistake, since the usual term used on stamps from the United Kingdom was «Post Paid». This was the term printed on following issues. Approximately 200 specimens were issued with «Post Office», but only 26 have survived down to our day. A cover with two of these stamps sold at auction for $3.8 million.

1848 perot provisional1848 Perot Provisional
This is the first stamp issued by Bermudians to inaugurate their capital, Hamilton, and is signed by Bermuda postmaster William Bennet Perot. Today, only 11 copies of this stamp have been discovered. Most of them are in the possession of European royalty, such as the specimen belonging to Queen Elizabeth II. This stamp’s worth is approximately $100,000.


1851 hawaiin missionaries1851 Hawaiian Missionaries
The missionary issue stamps were the first postage stamps used in Hawaii. Their name comes from the fact that they were principally used by the missionaries on their correspondence sent primarily to the United States. Only 16 copies of the 2¢ issue have been found to this day. The «Dawson» cover, showing one 2¢, and one 5¢ missionary stamp, and also two more 3¢ stamps, sold in 1995 for $1.9 million.


1855 treskilling yellow1855 Treskilling Yellow
One of the most celebrated and well-known stamp, this Swedish stamp is the result of a printing error. The tre skilling was normally printed in green and the yellow was reserved for the eight skilling issue. The yellow variety of the tre skilling was discovered by a young boy in Sweden by the name of Georg Wilhelm Backman in 1855, while going through his grandmother’s correspondence. No other specimen has ever been discovered to this day, making this stamp completely unique. While practically not bringing any monetary reward to Backman, the stamp was re-sold many times to finally, in 1996, be sold for the last time for the incredible price of $2.27 million. This unbeaten record for the sale of a single stamp makes it the most valuable object created by man, considering its weight and size.

1856 british guiana 1 cent magenta1856 British Guyana 1¢ Magenta
For a long time it has been regarded as the superstar of rare stamps. In 1856, when the inventory of Guyana stamps was almost, totally exhausted, a newspaper company was authorized to print emergency provisional stamps. The simple design features a sailboat in the center of the octagonal stamp with a 4¢ denomination. These provisional stamps were signed by the postmaster in order to avoid counterfeits. In 1875, a young boy of 12 years of age, L. Vernon Vaughan, discovered a specimen of the stamp with «one cent» inscribed instead of «four cents». Over the years, several counterfeits have been discovered, but one, single, authentic copy exists. It rests in a bank vault in Philadelphia, since its owner, the US chemical fortune heir, John E. Du Pont, is presently serving a 30 year sentence for the murder of an Olympic wrestler. Mr. Du Pont shelled out $935 000 in 1980 to acquire this little gem of a stamp.

1868 benjamin franklin z-grill1868 Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill
This American stamp, with a Z-grill, is considered to be the rarest stamp of this country. Only two copies are known to exist, only one of which exchanges hands between private collectors. Thus, only one collector at a time can possess the entire collection of USA stamps. A «grill» is a method of preventing counterfeiting. It consists of embossing a specific pattern of tiny squares into the paper with a high-pressure press. As a result, the cancellation is more readily absorbed into the paper and becomes very difficult to erase. The z-grill was the first grill ever used, and is more visible from the back of the stamp. The first collector to possess a complete USA stamp collection was Robert Zoellner.  In 1998, Mr. Zoellner’s complete USA collection was sent to auction, and Donald Sundman, president of the Mystic Stamp Company, acquired the Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill for $935 000. In October 2005, financier Bill Gross exchanged his block of four famous «Inverted Jennies», which he had acquired for almost $3 million, for the celebrated Z-Grill 1868. The spectacular trade made him the new single collector to own a complete collection of 19th Century American stamps.

1918 inverted jenny1918 Inverted Jenny
The Curtiss JN-4 biplane is the subject of the three first air mail stamps issued by the United States. The 24¢ red and blue with inverted center is probably the most famous American philatelic error and is known under the name of «Inverted Jenny». In the 1910’s, the US Post Office test runs aerial mail transportation. Their efforts result in the inauguration of regular air mail service May 15th, 1918. Stamps are quickly engraved on May 4th, and printed on Friday, May 10th. Quick printing results in at least three misprinted sheets representing the plane upside down, which are found and promptly destroyed.

However, as in other instances in the past, other sheets of the two-colour stamps with inverted centers make it through despite vigilant efforts to prevent this, and collectors rush to try and track down the stamp. On May 14th, W. T. Robey sees the postmaster take out a complete sheet of 100 stamps with inverted centers, and, with pounding heart, hurries to purchase the sheet. Robey then contacts several stamp collectors and journalists regarding his incredible find, and also hides his sheet from visiting postal inspectors. He quickly sells the sheet to a dealer in Philadelphia, Eugene Klein, for $15 000.  Mr. Klein immediately re-sells it to Colonel H. R. Green for $20 000. Based on advice from Klein, Colonel Green separates the sheet in order to sell the stamps for the highest possible price: a block of eight, several blocks of four, and the rest as singles. Colonel Green keeps many of them, and even mounts one in a locket for his wife. On May 18th, 2002, Mrs. Green’s locket is sent to auction, but has no buyer. The philatelic press reports however, that a private sale is subsequently conducted for an undisclosed amount. In October 2005, a block of four «Inverted Jennies» is sold to financier William H. Gross for the sum of $2 970 000. This is the famous block which he then exchanged for one copy of the 1868 Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill.

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  1. i have stamps british 1853 and usa first printed and germany

    value over 25 million usd in safe vault in bank.

    i want to insure it and sell for over 25 million

    need a genuine buyer who would pay cash and take whole album

    based in toronto

    collection by 3 generations

      • I have indian , japenese, chinese , canada and almost stamps of third countries. So if u want to buy stamps contact me in my email. please do it as fast as possible.

      • i have very old collection of stamps Indian mite full sheets and also Cochin stamps mint sheets Cochin used stamps and also other countries all very old collection I am Indian and want to sell stopping collection over aged to look after

        • I am interested in Cochin full sheets if they are in good condition. Would it be possible to send a scan of your items via email?

          Kind Rgds,


      • I have a collection of +/- 1000 Austrian stamps that I think is worth a lot of money judging by the scarcity of some of the stamps, dates on some of the stamps (starting from 1840 onwards) and excellent condition they are in. I also have a collection of +/- 500 South African stamps (also in great condition, scarce, old and commemorating important events of SA history) and a few stamps from other countries. I would like to send you some pictures of the stamps if I may. please reply ASAP. Thank you

        • I have rsre canada stamps from 1836 to 1910 to 1940s and have queen Elizabeth stamp also i would like to sale im trying to get back home to my 8yr.old daughter so if you are able to help i would appreciate that very much so im selling my stamps

      • i also have a stamp collection very very old with stamps from usa / germany adolf hitler stamps / australia and asia many are very old and rare and also have a collection of very old and rare bank notes from all over the world there is about over 100 stamps and over 50 bank notes locked away in a banks safe and want to sell the whole collection stamps and notes all together in 1 sale privately at a very small price but for a quick sale family problems have arised and not happily but need to sell my collection fast for $3,500,000 us dollars my email is [email protected] is anyone out there interested ?????

      • Dear Muhammad,

        I have a RARE BRITISH GUIANA 2C 1921 KING GEORGE v HEAD AND SHIP STAMP with error, which occured during the printing process in London, the face of the King is partially hidden with ink of the same stamp. In a sheet, only one row of stamps had the error, the rest was normal ones. Only only 2 survived meanwhile one got damaged and mine is in good condition. I may be place it on an auction in New York, sometime this year.

        If you are interested, please, contact me via e-mail, I can send images of it.

        Best regards,

        Elisio de Souza

      • Hi mi have rare USA old stamps exemple Scott 482 A tip III—and—USA stamp 10 c Grill–for sale interested contact me

  2. Do you have scans of your collection that you can mail to me? Have they been downloaded to a disk si that I may view them on my pc? If so please let me know and I will send along my address. Thank you for your attention to this matter. With regards, M.L.

    • i have aslo required a stamp collection from the late eighteen hundreds to early ninteen hundreds,. condition on most of them is mint. i would like to get them appraised or have them looked at by someone who has more knowledge and experience than me or this small town i come from .. 701 391 2003 is my number,

    • sir i have a lot of rare stamp collection . Like gandhi Rs10 with set of four with original folder etc . Pleased send your email id . I have to go for sell my collection.

    • I’ve inherited a Scott Stamp and Coin Co. album that’s pretty full of stamp collections all over the world, starting in the 1800’s. It came along with 2 boxes of stamps. Hundreds are still on the original envelopes, dated in the 1800’s. Some are still full sheets. Some are ww2 gas rationing stamps. There’s thousands of stamps here and I know nothing about them! I sold a very nice Scott #1 stamp to a dealer for $150, and now I’m being told it was worth way more than that! Any advice on how to sell these things without being taken advantage of?


  3. I have a 1948 unused air mail stamp with an error.The wing is missing.Also I have a stamp from the lousianna purchase 1803.Could you possibly tell me what they are worth.Thank you.

    • My name is Donna kinnard, I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to this book I inherited. I do know in this book it is stamps all over the world, some are glued and some are not. I called one stamp collector in tampa and he did advise me for what stamps I do have to just do allot of searching that some one will purchase them no less than 4,000. How do I go about seeking this book.

      • Sorry, how do I go about selling this book, and how would I even know the true value. Not untested in making a fortune off of it, maybe just something to help us get by.

    • I have really good stamps from the 1847 to the 1980 lots of stamps over 1000 of them really old please give me a call at 5757064953

  4. Hello,

    I have a very large collection of stamps my Grandfather left to me.
    Most are from when he was in Europe during the war, he was a British soldier.
    He also collected before and after the war so the stamps vary in age.
    There are 100’s…best way to get these looked at ?


  5. My grandfather who lives in New York and was given these stamps from a friend gave me 2 large books filled with stamps from all over the world. 1 of the books is categorized by country and years so it is east to locate stamps, the other book is not as organized. The stamps start in the year 1851.

    How should I be storing them? And I would like to find out which are the most valuable and sell them to someone who can take better care of them then I will. It is such a treasure of history and I want them to be in good hands.

  6. Selling a Stamp Collection:

    1 – EBay it! This requires you have some knowledge of philately and the collection.

    2- Have it auctioned by an ordinary auction house. This is not likely to obtain a good price, as the audience is not typically going to be knowledgeable about the collection.

    3- If you think the collection is valuable, contact an auction house that specializes in stamp auctions. They have the contacts and ability to evaluate and price the collection.

    4- Contact a local stamp dealer or stamp club.

  7. I have several books of collector’s stamps. Some we have found that they appraised for 10-15 thousand. How do I begin to find a place to sell these rare stamps? Is e-bay a good place to start if you know the range of what they are worth? Or, should I find some other source on the internet? I am not sure if there are any stamp dealers around my state, so how would I find them? Thanks.

  8. Hi all! I inherited a very Large Collection from my grandmother who inherited her mothers Collection…
    They are from all over the world and they are well taken care of… from used to unused/unhinged.
    I need help as to what I should do!

  9. Gentlemen:
    I have what I believe to be a #467, 5c Carmine invert error, single error in a block of nine, well centered (especially the error stamp), bright fresh color. This block is perforated and the gummed back is in it’s natural condition. The stamp was found by my grandfather who was a postmaster back in the 1920s. Can you give me an idea of what the block is worth? Can you tell me what more than one block would be worth as a set?

    Thank you.

  10. hi. i have my grandfather’s collection of australian stamps from 1966 purple Queen Elizabeth II to 1971 christmas stamps. may i know how much these are worth as I would like to sell them. they’re finely used and in good condition.

    thank u so much.

  11. Terrence Nicholas

    I have more than five hundred rare stamps and first day covers, old coins, old comic books and old record, stamps from all parts of the world, from British Guiana (Guyana) to China all on sale for two million usd.

    You can contact me at [email protected] for more information, together with your fax number for me to fax some of the quality stamps i have.

  12. ihave rare stamp collection hobbey. burma japanes occ, 1942 one cent with over print mily admn ,full sheet in 320 stamps.other mosul1919 british occ sheet &post card. &miss print stamp. rare over print stamp. all over world 18&19 centure collection. my ph no.09228253707. mail. [email protected]

  13. hi
    iam ahmad saadi
    i have about 1500 old rare stamps that iam interesting to sell these stamps and these stamps are old between 1880 and 1925 and these stamps are from all over the world
    iam looking for some body who is interesting in collecting good stamps and valuable stamps
    my tel 0035799812356
    thank you

  14. Hi i have inherited to stamp book coolections they quite old abd in mint condition. THey are from Australia, Nauru, papua New Guinea and cocos island. Does anyone know the best place to have these valued i live in Victoria.

      • i have what i know is a very rare that is not in catalogue and nobody can tell me the value its rsa fdc voortrekker monument 3.33 flame usualy red i have a white flame i dont think any 1 else has 1 and iv also got a cancellation flaw on the year of the pig fdc that usualy hogsback it says hogback and the 2nd g upisde down plz help in valuation very rare unseen

    • Hi Ross – i have plenty Sa stamps – natal/ cape of good hope etc etc – let me know what you are interested in – can scan and email you pics??

    • i have 2stamp albums with stamps of south africa and the world i have had them for a period of42 years there are some very old and valuable stamps u can contact me to view phone 0314678464

    • i have about a thousand south african stamps in good condition.some of all sa flowers,animals,union buildings,bridges,tourist attractions,couple british,indian,south west africa,zimbabwe,somali,africa,usa,rhodesian,namibian and so on make me an offer.

    • I have a collection that I inherited from my gran,but the collection went through young cousins before it came to me.
      Alot of them used,but alot still unsed.

      I am looking for some one to take iot of my hands.
      Contact me if I can send you some photo’s.


    • Hi,i live in Denver Co. and inhereted a vast collection of stamps from South Africa,SWA (now Namibia),Venda,Ciskei,Transkei and Bothuthatswana.The South African stamps range from the early 20,s up to the late 80’s.Most of them were bought in booklet form and are untouched.Obviously the earlier ones have been rubber stamped.These stamps are in the same condition as the day they rolled off the press.I am the first person to have opened the collection.There’s just to many to mention in a e-mail.My mother bought them religiously as every edition became available.I am looking to sell the entire collection.Contact me with any questions.

      Regards Salmon.

    • Dear Ross , I’m not in SA but UK . Recently purchased an old collection of South African postage stamps . Not an expert on them but getting there slowly . Thank’s to the internet I am getting the idea though .Have located quite a few rare ones in the collection I think , The stamps did’nt arrive in a big bag though but all in small envelopes aka ,sorted out . Are you an expert on stamps from SA
      then ?. A lot of these stamps are 1930’s ,40’s and 50’s at a guess .
      Where are you on the planet anyway ?. Geoff Foxwell .

    • I have 181 Homeland First day covers (Bophuthadswama, Venda, Transkei and Ciskei) with 3018 stamps in blocks of four in perfect mint condition including all information cards issued with first release plus one set Nelson Mandela inaugaration first day release with 64 extra stamps in blocks of 4 plus 4 single stamps. All these stamps were handled only 3 times.

    • Hi, just saw this old message, I have a stamp book that’s been in my familya few generations. The book allows for stamps all over the world, some countries don’t have but most do especially african countries and southh africa as we are south african. There are also a lot of stamps for countries that no longer exist or have changed names. Not sure how to go about evaluating this if you’re interested

    • I have 2 albums of very old SA & British Stamps.
      Also from other countries. I need them to be appraised
      as I would like to sell to interested collector.


    • I have many very old stamps,mostly commonwealth. All stamps are filed and scanned. The stamps are located in Middleburg ,Mpumalanga

    • hello,
      i happen to stumble on your advert and i hope its not too late i have a variety of old stamp collections from all over the world i have identified a couple of them on the internet as very rare and i want to sell the lot
      if you are still interested i am based in pretoria south africa and my number is 0795262990 do contact me or you can email me thank you.


  15. dear friend,

    i have a large collection of stamps. how i show u to know its value.
    guide me please.


  16. We have just found a Iverted Jenny and like to make sure its not a fake. We have a many other old and rare stamps we need to have check out. The families they came from have had them for along time .

  17. I would like to say i have been doing research evryday i can get on my computer anyone have any stamps they want to get rid of or you dont know what they may be worth? just email me @ [email protected] please send pics also I love stamps 🙂

    • where are located, I have some letters that were mailed from Japan and sent to Long Beach, CA also I have letters that were written in 1945 when the Japanese were in concentration camps in Arkansas. I have the envelopes with stamps on them. let me know if you are interested. Thanks

  18. If you have the jenny lind upside down plane ? Then thats worth a great amount dont let anyone fool you ,also u can get on the phitelic society of NY for more info . Thats awesome you probly have more that are very valuable God i wish i could see your collection ,must be a nice one?


  20. I have a collection of stamps from most countries dated from 1947. Also a large collection of first day covers mostly South African and signed S.A Airforce covers, including Mandela covers. How do I go about selling ?

  21. I have 4 books filled with stamps, i would like to know the value of the stamps, someone help. I have both foreign stamps and stamps form the US.

  22. If you want to know stamp values ? You can also go to the websight of mysticstamps .com or linns.com also look all over the internet ,just type in rare stamps or google.com can help also i have looked on diff sights and found alot of info and another favorite of mine is glenstevens .com Good luck all ,Happy hunting

  23. Hi. We have a HUGE selection of South African stamps, some mint and in plates others used. Please let me know how I can go about putting a value to them and if there is any way of selling them! ta Celeste

  24. hi

    I have a collection of different stamps and i would like to know how much it is worth. and how do i go about selling them.

  25. I have an old German Stamp Collecting Book left to me by my father who was in the Rhineland in 1943, the book is said to have been from Hitlers personal camp, there are many loose stamps and some hinged in the book there are stamps from many countries dating from the 1840’s thru 1940’s is there any way I can authenticate this book, it was not taken care of very well I have been trying to organize and research some of the stamps but there are hundreds and it is very time consuming. I have some pictures from the rhineland and my fathers war papers, etc…Please offer some advice..Thank you

    • Dear sir,
      I am collector of country from foreign that is from Germany only. and second from my country Eritrea.
      Therefore, you have old German stamps, can we exchange with my country Eritrea stamps ? ( Eritrea is a new nation of 20 years )
      My Postal Address is:
      P.O.BOX- 1697

  26. Hi,

    I have 2 penny black stamps, one with red maltese cross stamped on it the other one black stamped on it. I’ve have been searching online for weeks about them most places say they are very valuable, others not so much. Can someone please help? Also i have 2 penny blue and many different stamps.

  27. hi, i think i have a 1868 benjamin franklin z-grill i found it in a album left to a friend of mine and it looks the same as all the pics i see on the internet and the album ref says its that stamp as part of the america/united states section. i no nothing about stamps but the albums i have belonged to a wealthy austrian man and the albums look expensive and very old, one is green in colour and has gold clips and is over 100 years old. i have looked up a few stamps that i have and on some site they are said to be rare and valuable but i dont know if im looking in the correct places. i would appreciate some help in what i should do to find out if i have anything that might be of any value to a collector.

  28. My grandfather has about 5 full albums of stamps and hes not sure how to calculate the value of his collection today. we stay in South Africa. Any ideas of where or who should we go to?


      • hello muhammed my name is William and i also have a collection of very old stamps of a lot of countries including south africa and i want to sell them i am in pretoria please u can contact me on 0795262990 or on my email thanks

  29. My 92 yr old dad- has been collecting stamps for 50 years- mostly usa and but some international stamps.
    Here is the twist- His collection in all in “Collector Albums” and most stamps were purchased at Gimbals NY – which during theits day was one of NYC largest department stores and a big rival of Macys (the famous quote is “does Macys tell Gimbils ?). So there is some gimbles stamp this and that with the collection.
    So does Gimbles give any extra value to his collecton ? Additionally Do you know of any reputable stamp collectors in the Tampa Florida Area- ( he lives in florida -I live in NY),who will be fair and possibly interested in evaluating his collection ?
    Thank you in advance for your advice. Mike- [email protected].

  30. I purchased a stamp in Vancouver Washington back in 1991, entitled the Comediens, these Stamps are MISSED PRINTS because they don’t have a denominatons, supposed to be 29 cents back then, you can see clearly the space on the top right side of the stamps are empty the denominations are missing. i have these stamps for 20 years now and still don’t know if it worth something. for people out there who is a serious buyer or collectors i want to hear your feedback, if you heard about these stamps.

  31. Ok I have re checked the hawiian missonary stamps..It has yellow sides and the #2 is in the middle and is blue. I believe its a gum stamp. Never used and on the bottom in black writting/typed it says USA37. So I hope someone can maybe answer my question..Thank you

  32. Feedback awaited.

    Dear Friend

    One of my friend have his fore fathers stamp collection and he lost his father last year, he want to sell the same (50,000 RS) some of 10 boxes sizes are 8*11 inches even bigger. and some some wrapped in boxes.

    Some of the purchaser offered him 10 to 15 K, is it worth please do reply




    The damaged to the king’s face occurred during the printing process around 1920/21 wherever it was printed in England, most likely in London. If you pay careful attention you would notice that the said stamp probably was the second or the third in the first row of a block of 50, according to the previous owner, an old stamps collector who used to work in Kitty Post Office, a suburb of Georgetown. Of the said block, two rows got damaged during the printing process, and, among hundreds or thousands of normal ones of the same type there was only one sheet/block that had the damage ones. It was sent unnoticed from London to Georgetown, British Guiana at that time and, the Central Post Office in Georgetown sent quotas to all its agencies and, the Kitty Post Office was the one which received its quota with the damaged block among the normal ones. Anyone could observe that the said central post office also, did not notice the single block with the damage ones. The information that I used to hear meanwhile I was working/living in Georgetown,Guiana was that: the mentioned post office clerk who worked at that time in the Kitty Post Office, when, browsing to check/counting the stamps for his agency usage, noticed a block with the flaws and then, most naturally, paid for it and kept it for himself, of course, he was the luck one, it was no ordinary stamps but a block with His Majesty KGV’stamps with a major flaws. To avoid problems at his work he kept it without informing no one even at home, before his death his eldest son was informed by him and, the family revealed the secret around mid-eighties. The old stamp collector passed away in the seventies and in the eighties his family decided to sell the stamp albums plus other envelopes containing blocks of British Guiana stamps, then, the said block with the flaws was found among other normal ones, due to the humid and hot climate in that country, particularly in Georgetown and Kitty suburb that are closer to the Demerara river and the Atlantic Ocean, a lot of stamps got damaged, out of the two rows of the said block of stamps only two survived and are known to exist today in the world, the attached one is in good condition, the other is damaged.

    Therefore, this is the reason why the Royal Family in UK nor Stanley Gibbons or other publishers never knew about this said stamp.

    Kind regards,

    Elisio Domingues de Souza
    Antique collector

  34. I had an inverted jenny stamp along with other rare stamps stolen from me by a school teacher in 1984-1986 in charleston,sc . I think it was the last one out of all the misprints. I also had a half cent stamp and two german stamps with and some other stamps in the same collection. I can not remember the teachers name and my daughter can not also and she was my daughters teacher. I called the school records center and they would not tell me anything

  35. This is just a off topic question on the type 1 …1penny DROMEDARIS BOAT has anyone ever seen a misprinted one or is there even one out there . Only asking cause I read colins blog an did alittle net surf too see if there has ever been one found or seen or even a pic too see …

  36. Dear Sir, I have a 1927 12 cent Sir Wilfred Laurier -Sir J. A. Macdonald
    stamp, and am confused because all of the stamps like mine that I have
    found on the Net are the color green, but mine is purple? Can you tell
    me why. or do I have the only one in that color?
    Thank you for any information,
    William Nelson

  37. Dear Sir, I have a 1927 Canadian 12 cent Sir Wilfred Laurier -Sir J. A. Macdonald postage stamp, and am confused, because all of the stamps like mine that I have found on the Net are the color green, but mine is the color purple.Can you tell me why, or do you suppose I may perhaps have the only one in that color?
    Thank you for any information,
    William Nelson

  38. I am hoping someone can help me. I have a Round stamp. Has anyone any info on round stamps that they can direct me to? It is a USA 3 cent purple and white(best way to describe, not sure of color gauges, new to all of this) I am just starting to go through them all and trying to figure out dates and such. So far I have found a Gold Coast 1919 3d brown stamp, British South Africa Company 1913 11/2d brown stamp, Malay 1905 3( is it cents?) brown, Gilbert and Ellice Islands red 1d “war tax” stamp,another 2 stamped war tax for Ceylon in 5 and 3 (cent?) denominations. Also one that has “Princess Elizabeth” 1cent but have forgot the rest of the info at the moment. Anyone know anything concerning these stamps I have listed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. As I said I just inherited a bunch of stamps, maybe about 800 or so. Looks like I have a ton of research ahead of me.Yippee!

  39. if theres anyone how would like to buy a collection of stamps that had been left down to me i have kgv os & watermarked not sure of the value of my whole collection but have little idea on some thanks steve

  40. Ihave very valuable stamps from all over the world. Early 1800s to early 1900s.I would like to talk to someone that could really let me know what i have here.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  41. I’m from Russia, I have a collection of stamps of the 18th century ecclesiastical subjects. Photos can be sent by mail.

  42. I have a Large. Coin with Lady Daina. And Prince Charles and queen Elizabeth.11 DG Dated. 1981. Can u tell me what it’s worth please. Sylvia

  43. I have a stamp collection with some rare stamp i think of all over the world etc.i want to sell it and need a buyer any one interested

  44. Good morning all… A friend of mine has inherited a decent collection of stamps from her Grandfather and would like to sell it, how do I go about doing this? The collection is a mix of stamps but what sticks out is a few George Washington stamps (red & blue), a few of Hitler and the German Reich and then stacks of Queen Elizabeth (a few 0ne penny’s), not to mention all the others. The collection also consists of Post Cards from England dating back to 1901-1909.

    Please feel free to contact me on 082 725 8730…

  45. I have penny black stamp with an A on left bottom corner and C on right bottom corner and has the Maltese cross which starts on left side level with second margin,and continues through both margins to the edge of the stamp.The margins are of equal distance of the stamp.I would like to know the history and value of this stamp also is this a rear stamp.

  46. Hi there,I have very old stamps from south africa and lesotho. They go back from the 1800 and upwards. A rugby 1889 springbok,D.F. Malan 1874 and a stamp of 1665 just to name a few. I’d really like to know what they are worth. I have loads af stamps. Thank u so much. Regards. Belinda. 0747474601

  47. I have a big collection of very old s.a stamps aswell as british stamps.How do i go about getting a value for them?I am scared they get ruined as i am not a collector.

  48. I am a collector. I have collection from Germany more than two generations collection. they are mint stamps. Second, I have a collection from The State Of Eritrea of twenty years collection.
    The german collection also include travelling covers and stamps affixed with stamps and postmarked.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Im moving from Russia to Canada. I have got a good album of stamps from here. I have stamps from USSR period, War II, German Reich.Also stamps from Canada, Finland, Mangolia,Poland,China, Czechoslovakia, USA. Please contact me if you interested in.

  49. dear sir/madm I’m interestin postage stamps , and also I’ve old rare usa stamps,& european rare old stamps my own private collection,I know stamps is a history of the country no compare with money, anyway in my collection some are very old rare some are unique…

  50. Hi, Im moving from Russia to Canada. I have got a good album of stamps from here. I have stamps from USSR period, War II, German Reich.Also stamps from Canada, Finland, Mangolia,Poland,China, Czechoslovakia, USA. Please contact me if you interested in.


  52. I have huge collection of old stamp up above 75 countries arround 1200 pcs and i want to sell my hole collection in 10crore in indian money if anybody is interested may contact me with cash my contact no:- +919804630925.

  53. I have Canadian first day covers from 1972-1976, roughly 150 of them. Also have United Nations first day covers from 1972-1976 76 of them. Well If you are interested in buying email me

  54. Have an extensive collection of SWA and South Africa Stamps and first day covers. Any interested parties can contact me for info.

  55. I have a Two pence blue 1847 stamp, can anyone help me sell it? There are plenty more stamps that I know have value, but I just need help from someone who has knowledge about it. And honest people only!

  56. Hi everyone,

    I have old and rare Queen Elizabeth Stamps in my collection. Many types with different colour settings. I need to get it appraised and eventually sell them. Any advice welcome. Pls let me know. If any of you interested to see, i will scan and email to you. My email address is [email protected]


    Badri Khan

  57. hi everyone,
    I have little stamps one of those which is 1837-1947 from cccp. I don’t know which country is from. I got it from my grandfather. If u want to see, u can see in my facebook. I want u to determine where is it from. thanks to all.

  58. I have a Penny Black with what seems to be the identical post mark to that which is visible on the stamp featured at the top of this page. I also have half penny “Greens” and “Reds”, along with an adiditional stmap that i can not identify from the same era as the Penny Black that is hald it’s size (rectagonal.

    Also an unopened set of “The Wildling definitives collections I – 1952 – 1953”.

    Can you please advise me on where to get these valued?

  59. i have some stamps 1880 with a stage coach on the OMNI bus Bradway 2& 23 st wal street Madison ave ferry how can i find what there worth i am not that good on a pc would be most grateful for any info

  60. I have around 500 international stamps that are over 60 years old. Any one interested in buying the full set. Please e-mail me. I am based in USA, California (Orange).

  61. I have from 26 years ago German collection of travelling covers, Post Cards with stamps and mint stamps.
    any one interested she or he can contact me to my address
    Thank you for your kind cooperation

    Abraham Woldeyonas
    Philatelist, from Eritrea

  62. hello,

    I have a colection of stamps for sale. Can someone help me. I ask for the value and it`s a lot.

    A e-mail where to send the pictures .


  63. I have one hundred old stamps of different countries. very valuable.
    stamps are from India, US, Singapore, UAE, KSA, Germany, Britain etc.
    Please contact if any one interested with good value.

  64. I have huge collection of rare postage stamps up above 75 countries more than 3100 pcs and i want to sell my hole collection. If anybody is interested please contact me
    (+91 9696700346)

  65. i have a very extensive stamp collecting dating back to 1864 ,including 2 cent canadian queen stamp,,,,almost every country in the world,,even countries that no longer exist.have over 50,000 stamps and envelopes dating before and after both world wars…hundreds of thousands of dollrs,,maybe millions,,413 887 1337,,,,,, [email protected] contact me 4 pics,,,i am from mass..serious inquirers only

  66. Hi I have a stamp collection that starts in the 1800’s but they are pasted in books. One very old book appears to have been started by my grandfather when he was a child. Are stamps pasted of any value or are they worthless.

  67. Follow up of comment about my grandfathers collection. May grandparents were world travelers and the stamps are mostly not US although there are a few US stamps.

  68. This is one amazing post I was completley blown away by some of the stamps. I have heard of them and tried to google them but never really knew as the images as too many can cant decide whcih one is real, but this post made my day. The 1855 Treskilling Yellow stamp lookg stunning. Thank you once agin for the post and would like read more posts form you. Cheers.!!


  70. I have rare stamps from iraq, India, Joldan, Austria, China, japan, Monaco, Slovakia, Netherlands, Swidesh, RSA and many more from all over the world. Contact me on [email protected], i have a collection of stamps from 18centuary.

  71. Hello i have some well a bunch of stamps that ive had for 25 yrs now , My husband use to help an elderly couple and after one of the neighbors passed away they gave this collection to me and my husband, and we have had them all this time and forgoten about them, and wanted to kmow what there worth? i hav some air mail with stamps on them also, great wall of china,,,, Franklin, hitler, foreign ones , and new zealand, Romania,

  72. Hi. My name is Roberto. I have been a stamp collecton since I was 12 y. Old. I have a lot of stamps for sale. 2 stockbooks full of stamps from different countries. Mostly those stamps are from the first centenary of the stamp postage 1840-1940. Also lot of recent stamps worldwide. I have for example the some of the big Hernes Heads (Greece) some stamped in Paris , some in Athens. Also some little Hermes Heads, Stamps from Hawaii from before 1900. Also some rare stamps from the ancient italian states, some Germans – ancient Germans states, stamps from different British crown colonies… please contact me if interested on selling my stamps. Thanks.
    Roberto. [email protected]

  73. I have a large collection of old U.S. postage stamps…..including the ones with former U.S. presidents. I also have old postage stamps from a lot of countries across the globe…..and other sports and historic collectibles I want to sell. Any interested individual or entity may contact me @ [email protected]. I am in the U.S…..state of Pennsylvania……….George

  74. I have a very very old with stamps from usa / germany adolf hitler stamps / australia and asia many are very old and rare from all over the world there is about over 1000 stamps. Sale privately my email is : [email protected] . I can send you scanned pics of the stamps. I am based in Johannesburg South Africa , regards James

  75. I have loads of stamps very old one’s that is worth load’s but not sure were to take them and get them value.

  76. Hi i inhereted 3 stamp book collections from my grandfather 8years ago, also some very old postcards and a birthday post card to which im interested on getting the value of. I decided when i inhereted them that no matter the value i wasnt prepared to sell them as they hold a lot of sentimental value for me but did decide to pass them down to my children once anything happens to me. After many years of these stamps just being put away i’ve decided on maybe i should get them valued but can i stress NOT for sale of them more so for piece of mind knowing exactly once passed down we have an idea of there worth so if my children decided to sell them then they would know an around sum. Could anybody guide me hows best to do this as i only have a limited ammount of knowlege on stamps so dont really have a clue. The stamps are from uk and also all over the world. I know a lot go on water markings which is where it becomes confusing for me. Any help that could be given would be much appreciated so thanks in advance.

  77. I have stamps to sell over 50 stamps collection from.local and international my grandfather used to be a soldier and also.a writter stamps aged around 70- to century i will.send details and picture to a sure buyer and willing to.meet me here in the phillipines kindly contact me here [email protected] or @ my fb tnx

  78. hello all!! I’m in California, I have inherited three boxes of old u.s. postage stamps dating back to the 1900’s and stamps from all over the world Spain Germany…. Austria … dating back to the late 1800’s and early nineteen-hundreds some are even in mint condition some $0.06 US postage stamps never been used
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