Kids Corner: What country is my stamp from?

Many languages, many countries names.
Many languages, many countries names.

There are many different languages spoken around the world. Often, each country has its own language and alphabet. That can make it hard to know which country your stamp is from. Here is an alphabetical list of some of the more difficult to identify country  names–beside each country name, we have shown you how it will most likely be written on your stamp. Hopefully it will make things easier for all of you out there!

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Albania – Posta Shquiptare/Shquiperia

Austria – Österreichische Post/Österreich/Republik Österreich

Azerbaijan – A. C. C. P./Azarbaycan

Bavaria – Bayern

Bohemia Moravia – Cechy a Morava/Bohmen und Mähren


Crete – KPHTH

Croatia – HRVATSKA

Cyprus – Kibris/KYΠΡΟΣ

Czechoslovakia – Československo

Estonia – Estland/Eesti

French Equatorial Africa – A. E. F.

Germany – Deutschland/Deutschesreich

Germany (East) – DDR

Germany (West) – Deutsch Bundespost

A Great Britain stamp
A Great Britain stamp

Great Britain – this is the only country in the world which doesn’t have its name on its stamps, but there is either a picture of a king or a small cameo silhouette of the queen on their stamps.

Greece – Hellas or EΛΛA∑

Hungary – Magyar Posta

Iceland – Island/AUR

Ireland – ÉIRE

Japan – NIPPON

Lithuania – Lietuva

Montenegro –ЦРНА ГОРА

Norway – Norge/Noreg

Poland – Polska

Republic of South Africa – RSA

Romania – Posta Romana/R.P. Romina

Russia/Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) – CCCPH

Serbia – СРбИЈА

Slovakia – SLOVENSKO

South West Africa – SWA

St-Thomas & Prince – São Tomé e Príncipe

Sweden – Sverige

Switzerland – Helvetia

Turkey – Türkiye/Emp. Ottoman

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  1. Really helpful list for kids just starting out, must confess there were a few on this list that I just learnt myself. Keep the good work of the blog going… 🙂


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