Rare Canadian stamp gets top dollar at auction!

1851-Queen Victoria 12 pence stamp
1851-Queen Victoria 12 pence stamp

A rare Canadian stamp is now in the illustrious company of other top selling stamp rarities of the philatelic world. At a recent auction of some stamps from billionaire William Gross’ collection, a Canadian 1851 12p black on laid paper with original gum (Scott #3) sold for a record breaking $273, 000 CAD. That is the most money that has ever been paid for a single Canadian stamp, and well over the hoped for asking price of $116, 000 CAD! What makes this stamp so rare is the fact that only 1,450 copies were issued back in 1851.
In all, Mr. Gross’ British North American collection netted about $2 million. In addition to the black 12p, many other fine Canadian stamps on display also sold for double their initial estimate, making this auction a resounding success.

More of the most expensive stamps in the world: (see article: What are the most famous rare and valuable stamps?)

  • The Great Britain Edwardian 6d overprinted I. R. Official in Mint sold for roughly $145, 000
  •  The British Guiana 1¢ Magenta sold in 1980 for $935, 000
  •  The United States Inverted Jenny sold in 1993 for $150, 000, and a block of four stamps in 2005 for $2, 97 million
  •  The United States Hawaii Missionaries, a single sold in 1995 for $99, 000, and a cover featuring two stamps for $1, 9 million
  •  The United States Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill sold in 1998 for $935, 000
  •  The Treskilling Yellow sold in 1996 for $2, 27 million-the top dog!


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