Review of the Davo hingeless Canada stamp album

Davo Canada hingeless stamp album
Davo Canada hingeless stamp album

In a previous article (To hinge or not to hinge), we discussed the merits of stamp hinges versus stamp mounts. All collectors know that stamp hinges can be an inexpensive way of mounting used stamps on an album page. But never, never use them for mint never hinged stamps!

Using stamp hinges to mount mint stamps in an album will dramatically diminish their value, as you will now have an ugly mark on an otherwise perfect gum side. So how can you go about mounting your mint stamps?

Obviously, stamp mounts are a practical choice (see article Protect your stamps with stamp mounts). Available in different height sizes, these self-adhesive, transparent plastic sleeves can be trimmed to the exact width of your stamp. Then, you stick the clear mount to your page and slip the stamp inside. All the materials used in the making of stamp mounts are safe for stamp storage.

The only downside to this method is the time involved in choosing the correct size; then there is all that trimming of the the sleeves and affixing them to your page. Is there an even quicker method?

The Davo Hingeless Canada stamp album is the «Mercedes Benz» of all stamp albums. This handy album comes with  polystyrol pockets «stamp mounts» already affixed to the high quality, heavy duty album pages.

Davo hingeless pages
Davo hingeless pages

All you have to do is find your stamp on the page and slip it into the mount! This album is for the serious, advanced collector who wants to house his stamps safely, with class. The Davo album pages are housed in attractive, two-post binders with matching slipcases.

Collectors of mint stamps, take heart! Whatever your chosen method, there is an effective way of storing your mint stamps for a long time to come.

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  1. Hello fellow collectors.
    Davo albums are great — but they are not the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of stamp albums. White Ace albums are clearly the top of the line. Of course the problem with them is the limited number of countries they make the albums for. In my case — I collect Egypt, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. I have gone with White Ace for Canadian stamps, Davo for the Australian, and Palo for Brazil and Egypt. The Palo and Davo albums are a toss up — they are both really excellent.


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