Top 5 most valuable Canada stamps

One of the most interesting parts of stamp collecting is keeping an eye on how much rare stamps are worth throughout the years. Here is a list of the 5 most valuable Canada stamps and what they have recently been sold for at auction. I researched extensively to get the most recent sale prices and as far as I know, all prices are in Canadian dollars.

Keep in mind that this is a list for single Canada stamps. No pairs, blocks or Provincial issues (they will be the subject of another article). Also, there are often several specimens of these stamps available in different conditions, I have tried to find the stamp that got top dollar at auction. Hope you find one in your collection!!

note: The images are not necessarily those of the exact stamp sold for the reported price, but a specimen for reference purposes.

5) 1855 6d Prince Albert Consort Imperforate on Laid Paper-reddish purple

Prince Albert reddish purple
Prince Albert reddish purple

In January 2014, this valuable Canada stamp was sold at auction for $42 500




4) 1851 6d Prince Albert Consort-brown purple imperforate

Prince Albert brownish purple
Prince Albert brownish purple

Part of the Outaouais Collection, a specimen of this stamp sold in September 2017 for $54 000




3)1851 3d Beaver Imperforate on Laid Paper

Three penny beaver
Three penny beaver

One of Canada’s first stamps, this specimen once sold for $120 000 in May 2014; a specimen from the Outaouais Collection was recently sold in September 2017 for $66 000. Issued in 1851 and designed by Sandford Fleming, most stamps of the time featured the reigning monarch, but Canada’s first stamp proudly displayed an engraving of a beaver by a river. In fact, it is the first official stamp in the world to be issued with an animal on it instead of a person.

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2)1851 12d Black Queen Victoria

Canada-1851 12d Black Empress
Canada-1851 12d Black Empress

Also known as the «Black Empress», a Mint OGNH version of this stamp sold a few years ago at auction for $425 000 in January 2011. A few years earlier, another version of the stamp fetched $273 000.

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1) The top dog: 2¢ Large Queen on Laid Paper, Green

Canada stamp #32-Green 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper Image courtesy of Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
Canada stamp #32-Green 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper
Image courtesy of Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation

It is thought that only a few hundred of these 2¢ Large Queens were accidentally printed on laid paper (all the other issues were printed on wove paper). Out of these few hundred stamps, the first seems to have been noticed in 1925. There are three known specimens of this stamp. One of them brought in $475 000 at auction in February 2014.

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